PUF Insulated Panels

Cool N Safe cold rooms are therefore constructed using pre-fabricated PUF panels designed specifically for such applications, and manufactured to international standards of quality and reliability at state-of-the-art facilities.

These panels are packed with advanced high-density foamed-in-place PUF insulation to ensure high-efficiency insulation, and metal-finished (a choice of aluminium, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel or Galvalume).

A range of options and accessories ensure that the entire cold room supplements the efficiency and ruggedness of the PUF panels:

  • Flush-fit doors: Aesthetic, efficient, heavy-duty flush-fit doors.
  • Cam lock: Posi-loc locking assemblies that provide perfect alignment of walls, ceiling, floor, corners and door frames.
  • Hardware: Heavy-duty cast alloy handles and hinges with attractive brushed-chrome finish.

This wide range of world-class panels and accessories ensures that Cool N Safe cold rooms are air-tight, hygienic, highly energy-efficient and built for a lifetime.

  • Pre-Fabricated PUF Panels of various Thickness(60,80,100,125 & 150 MM).

  • CFC free and hence environment friendly
  • High thermal efficiency/ controlled temprature
  • Non-corrosive hygiene surface
  • Flexibility in size to suit requirements
  • Well-bonded lamination
  • Good-bonded lamination
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Re-locatable
  • Fire retardant (also available

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