Refrigeration System

Cold room applications demand a wide range of temperatures to be maintained – low temperature     (–230C to –5oC), medium temperature  (–5oC to +2oC)  and high temperature ( +2oC to +15oC ). More information strip blackjack. And so they need a wide range of refrigeration systems as well.

Cool N Safe range of refrigeration solutions therefore offers a wide variety of both evaporating units and condensing units to suit every specific cold room application. The range includes both air-cooled and water-cooled low-temperature condensers, and technology from world leaders success like Emerson, Denfoss, Dorin and Bitzer to ensure reliability and efficiency.

Condensing units

Condensing units are characterised by high-efficiency heat transfer and low power consumption. Other features include:

1. Sleek designs
2. UV- and corrosion-resistant
3. Inner grooved copper tubes & slit aluminum fins for superior heat transfer
4. Energy-efficient compressors
5. Safety and control devices built-in
6. Weather-proof canopy

Refrigeration System

  • A set of Indoor and Outdoor Unit like split A/C or Unitary System like Window A/C.
  • Using refrigerant R-22, R-134a & R- 404a… except 1 later two are CFC Free.
  • Air Defrost & Electric Defrost for +ve and -ve Temp.
  • Hermetically sealed Recip. Danfoss Compressor upto 10 H.P. for Freezer Room Application.
  • Semi-Hermetic Recip. BITZER / DORIN Compressor upto 80 H.P. for +ve and –ve Temp. Application.
  • Scroll Compressor – upto 10 HP for +ve Temp